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  Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!



A key part of a successful initiative or project is the up-front planning. But that doesn't mean that everything must be planned up front. Using Agile concepts can lead to excellent rolling plans that, even at the beginning, can paint a picture of how long it will take.


Commitment-Base Project Management or CBPM supports this approach. Based on Intel's semiconductor design projects, it provides a rolling plan that can be extremely accurate in its execution.


We provide various solutions in the form of training and consulting, both for planning and for execution.


CBPM Planning Training

While CBPM planning is not complex, it takes focus and effort. In a few hours workshop, we deliver the necessary training so that you are able to leverage the group intelligence in developing a plan.


There are various options for this training:

  • Online self-study
  • Online self-study plus scheduled group discussion with all participants
  • Online self-study plus a dedicated two-hour consulting engagement to help you and your team with your project or program
  • Dedicated online or in-person training for your group. We will use your project or program as part of the training program


CBPM Planning Workshop

  • An extension of the dedicated training for your group, we will conduct additional planning days to develop a good plan for your effort. We will do some pre-work with your team and other stakeholders, give them some homework so that they are prepared, then conduct a one day (or more, depending on the complexity of the project) group planning session.


Portfolio Prioritization

Resources in any organization are limited. As such, it is critical that you invest them in what will provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI). How do you do that? This training workshop will walk you through the process to determine not only where to invest, but also how to monitor progress and make adjustments when necessary.


An option is to engage us in a consulting role to help you set up and manage your portfolio


Agile Planning

With over 20 years of Agile experience in software, hardware, automotive, defense, and other industries, we can help you plan your efforts. In this consulting effort, we will work with you and your team to determine how to organize and plan your projects.


Planning Coach

Sometimes you need an expert to help you in your planning efforts, whether it's a project or defining an overall set of initiatives for your organization. With extensive experience doing this work, we can help you.



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