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  Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!


Leadership is a key skill needed by everyone. It is extremely important for effective projects and programs. With extensive experience training, guiding, and coaching leaders, Solera Associates can help you be a more effective and efficient leader.


Six Domains of Leadership Coach

The Six Domains of Leadership™ is one of the best leadership development models available anywhere. Developed at Duke's Fuqua School of Business, it helps leaders understand their behavioral strengths and weakness around six major areas or domains. Each domain has a leadership effect. Understanding this effect is a very good way for leaders to figure out where to focus.


With years of coaching experience on this model, we can help leaders improve their leadership. We'll leverage the Six Domains of Leadership Survey (SDLS) to gather 360 degree input on your leadership and together work to develop a plan to improve your leadership.


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are key to any effort. They can make or break the effort. Some support you; some don't. Some are interested; some are don't. And many think they are stakeholders when in reality they only have a minor say.


How do you engage and manage stakeholders?


Let us guide you through the process to identify and target stakeholders with the appropriate communications plans and activities.


An option is to engage us in a consulting role to help you set up the stakeholder engagement effort.


Vision, Mission, OKRs, & KPIs

These terms are very common yet people get confused. What are they and how to use them most effectively? We'll work with you and your team to define/refine your Vision and Mission, define OKRs for upcoming periods and define how you'll measure the operational performance of your team.



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