Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!
  Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!


Excellent planning, without excellent execution, is a waste. And while intentions matter, they are not sufficient. A leader needs to be able to monitor how well the team is doing and help them monitor themselves.


Starting with Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) and other tools such as OKRs, we can help you and your team improve your ability to execute.


CBPM Execution training

A companion to the CBPM Planning training, this workshop will train you and your team on the philosophy and tools behind monitoring a CBPM effort. Leveraging a highly automated spreadsheet, you and your team will know what needs to be done by when and who has the responsibility (and who is impacted too).


Options include:

  • Online self-study
  • Online self-study plus scheduled group discussion with all participants
  • Online self-study plus a dedicated two-hour consulting engagement to help you and your team with your project or program
  • Dedicated online or in-person training for your group. We will use your project or program as part of the training program


CBPM Execution workshop

  • An extension of the dedicated training for your group, we will conduct additional execution monitoring meetings  with you and your team to help you monitor your project or program. We will aim to train and enable you and your team to be self-sufficient but are also available to facilitate the sessions for you.


Agile Execution

Are you struggling with the various Agile approaches? Is your team confused? We can help by providing expertise to address the confusion and get your team moving again in the right direction and at the right pace.


Execution Coach

Sometimes you need an expert to help you with your execution efforts and challenges. Acting as an experienced sounding board, we can help by answering your questions and providing guidance, advice, and suggested actions to improve your team's execution of your efforts.


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