Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!
  Welcome to the home of CBPM and Map Days!

We can help you plan your projects and programs! 

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Developing plans quickly and effectively is our goal!

We have used CBPM's Map Days to plan numerous projects.

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Planning Mid-Way

"Coming in to manage a massively complex engineering program mid-way through with many remote employees during Coronavirus seemed a daunting task. 


At Intel, I had experienced Map Day events primarily at the beginning planning phase of a program, I wasn’t sure how effective it would be at this later stage, especially with remote employees and I knew I needed professional help. 


Solera Associates came in to help us with Map Day for 2 days with over 60 people on zoom. Jose was amazing and quickly became a trusted leader during the course of the two days.  We learned a lot about virtual collaboration as a side benefit to Map Day. 


This was the first time many team members had even spoken with each other, and listened for deliverables and dependencies.  After 2 days, we had a roadmap and a comprehensive plan, for the first time, I felt we had control over the program and all its parts. 


I would HIGHLY recommend Solera Associates to any company planning or anything executing complex projects with a large volume of dependencies."


Head of QA, late-stage startup in Silicon Valley



Planning from the beginning

We were engaged to plan and run a cross-functional program at a Silicon Valley well-established software firm. Time was of the essence. 


We ran a two-day map day that promptly delivered a workable plan that we successfully executed to.


At the end of the Map Day session, the Chief Architect said: "Jose, you've done in two days what would have taken weeks!"



What is CBPM?

Originally developed at Intel and documented in No Surprises Project Management, CBPM stands for Commitment-Based Project Management. This approach leverages the wisdom of the group to develop a plan through the Map Day process, and successfully execute it. Along with light-weight tools, it helps the PM successfully plan and deliver projects.


We leverage this approach to quickly develop plans that integrate with all groups.


White Paper

We have a brief white paper that provides an overview of the approach.


For more information, order the materials!





Class materials are available for a nominal fee. Learn how to apply CBPM to successfully deliver your projects!



Now you can get some of the materials! Go to the Materials page for details!


White Paper on CBPM! Request your copy!


Keeping your project on schedule and hitting the milestones. That's the secret of success. How to do it? We can help.


Leadership and Project Management - a force to be reckoned with. Historically, a large portion of projects fail ... they are either late, dramatically over budget, or are canceled. We believe there is a better way.


Why do projects fail? Lack of leadership is a key reason. The PM does not lead but manages, keeping track of Gantt charts, costs, resources, while missing the goal: satisfying the customer.


Through Commitment-Based Project Management, we can accelerate your projects by up to 50%! We first accelerate your planning; then we accelerate your execution!


We have extensive leadership development and project/program management experience and have key tools that have proven successful while being light-weight. We know how to leverage the power of leadership and the team to drive to success. 


We can do it with you and we can teach you how. There's a better way! Our student materials are available!

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