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Keeping your project on schedule and hitting the milestones. That's the secret of success. How to do it? We can help.

Leadership and Project Management -- a force to be reckoned with. Historically, a large portion of projects fail...they are either late, dramatically over budget, or are canceled. We believe there is a better way.

Why do projects fail? Lack of leadership is a key reason. The PM does not lead but manages, keeping track of Gantt charts, costs, resources, while missing the goal: satisfying the customer.

Through our successful PAT (Project Acceleration Technology), an implementation of No Surprises Project ManagementĀ®, we can accelerate your projects by up to 50%! We first accelerate your planning then accelerate the execution!

We have extensive leadership development and project/program management experience and have key tools that have proven successful while being light-weight. We know how to leverage the power of leadership and the team to drive to success. We have deployed PAT as "Commitment-Based" project management (CBPM), an approach that enlists the power of the team and its members to develop the plan and deliver, through various projects and programs.

We can do it with you and we can teach you how. There is a better way!

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